Upcoming Events/Camps

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  Support Faces of Courage with our ongoing Fundraisers … We can use your help!  


If you would like to develop a Fundraiser on our behalf please reach out to us.

Next event!

Sign Up today for the FOC Cruise in October !   Must book by May 20th to obtain special FOC rate(s) to enjoy a week of fun at sea!

FOCGlory V1.0

We will have a fun time, Scavenger hunt, Pub Crawl, great port stops!  A Celebration for all to enjoy! ALL Port taxes are included in rates.


Here is our Flyer feel free to pass along :  


If you are a potential sponsor here is our Sponsorship Information Packet for your review and use:


Sponsor Contract 2017

We do appreciate the support of sponsors to help us with our camp programs, your donations are welcomed.  Our budget for this camp program is 5k,  if you or anyone you know can sponsor or donate it would be appreciated.


Sponsor Contract 2017

If you would like to donate or sponsor one of our campers please click our DONATE button, we do appreciate donations !   A pledge by you goes a long way for a camper’s  journey during this amazing weekend.

We provide these camps with support of your contributions! Thank you to everyone who supports our generous    cause.

Thanks to generous donations from our community efforts (fundraisers done on our behalf) enough monies were raised to add two more weekend camp programs.   Your continued support and efforts throughout 2016 is vital to assure we may continue to add more camp programs for next year!

 2017 Camp Dates!  

Women of Color – April 21-23

Young Adults Camp – June 2-4

Women’s Camp – September 8-10

Santa’s Workshop Weekend- Kids Camp – December 1-3

Want to hear what is camp about?

Santa 2011 095 (2)Check out Faces of Courage’s recent interview on the Corey Dylan Show!  

FOC on Corey Dylan Show March 6, 2016 About our Camp Programs

FOC on the Corey Dylan Show Jan.11,2015 About our Camps and Programs

14 responses to “Upcoming Events/Camps

  1. Hello

    I would like to attend your Women of Color
    Camp in March 2015. I live in Maryland.
    Are there any scholarship funds for travel?

    I can be reached at (443) 356-1156.

    Best wishes!

    • We do not have a scholarship program in place for trip coverage as the camps we provide are free to attendees already. Possibly you could find someone to sponsor your trip as we would love to welcome you to our camp! We recommend go to http://www.gofundme.com To begin a fundraiser for your cause to be able to attend camp.

  2. I want to find out where you need assistance for the Santa Workshop? I am available most of the day on Friday to assist.

  3. Good Morning, How do I go about getting a chance to go on the women of color camp? Is there an application process and if so can you please point me in the right direction to fill one out. thanks

  4. Is it too late to register for the Women of Color Retreat? My grandmother would like to attend.

    • Please submit your request on our contact us page with your email so we may add you to the list. An email is sent out to all interested participants a couple weeks prior to camp (sign up time). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.

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