Women’s Camps

These are the Faces of Courageat camp!

 All the fun Pictures from our WOMEN’S CAMP’S 2014—Great times, new friends and memories forever…Many thanks to our sponsors and all who donate to help make these smiles possible!

 DSC03768 DSC03780 DSC03781 DSC03783 DSC03785 DSC03789 DSC03791 DSC03793 DSC03794 DSC03792

DSC03796 DSC03799 DSC03800 DSC03809 DSC03815 DSC03818 DSC03824 DSC03825 DSC03823 DSC03829 DSC03832 DSC03834 DSC03836 DSC03839 DSC03838

DSC03842 DSC03844 DSC03850 DSC03847 DSC03853 DSC03855 DSC03856 DSC03860 DSC03863 DSC03867 DSC03870 DSC03875 DSC03872 DSC03878 DSC03879DSC03882 DSC03887 DSC03892 DSC03895 DSC03896 DSC03902 DSC03910 DSC03923 DSC03905 DSC03928 DSC03932 DSC03934 DSC03937 DSC03938DSC03939 DSC03940 DSC03943 DSC03949 DSC03952
DSC03953 DSC03960 DSC03961 DSC03963 DSC03964 DSC03965 DSC03966 DSC03967 DSC03971DSC03972 DSC03976 DSC03977 DSC03980 DSC03982


One response to “Women’s Camps

  1. I would love to do this! I live in Palm Beach Gardens and am currently undergoing chemotherapy with surgery to follow. Please send me information on this. Looking at these pics lifts my usually positive, but occasionally “poor me:)” spirit!

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