Get Involved – Pledge Today

 When you donate to Faces of Courage, you’re giving more than just your money; you’re giving women and children the opportunity to laugh, play, and lean on each other.

You give them the gift of relaxation and fun in a completely judgment-free environment. Best of all, your help isn’t wasted on high overhead costs; the majority of your donation funds annual events and creates new programs, all offered at no cost to the women and children who love them.

Please use the “Donate” button located at the top left of every page to make your donation today or pledge below!

Other Ways to Help

Maybe you can’t donate money or you don’t have the time to volunteer. That’s okay, there are other ways for you to help us provide free camps and events!

In addition to our camps and events throughout the year, we’re fortunate enough to come across amazing people and companies who want to help make a difference in the lives of women and children affected by cancer.

These promotions, either limited or ongoing, are a great chance for you to support compassionate people and companies while donating to a worthy cause!

ebay logoGiving Works through Ebay

Fundraising Events

We appreciate the support of our community and friends.  Fundraising events year around help support our programs in addition to donations.  During these times donations are not always enough to cover our campers and program expenses, therefore fundraising events are important.  We appreciate the support of our Fans to attend the events or create a Faces of Courage approved event.

If you are interested on hosting a fundraiser event to benefit Faces of Courage; or if you would like to join our new “Crazy for a Cause”  Event Committee, (to dedicate volunteer time from planning to completion)  please contact Peggie Sherry by email (  The committee meets 2 times monthly throughout the year.

Faces of Courage Special Event Request Form 2014

We welcome the opportunity to have you join our team and appreciate your support!


Support our Camps – Pledge  your donation for a camper today!

Your pledge to support our campers goes a long way. This is another way to honor a cancer survivor, a face of courage!   Please identify in the comment section who you would like to pledge your donation in Honor or Memory of so we can post on our Wall of Honor Page.

If you are paying by personal check please mail to the address on our page. Checks made payable to: Faces of Courage Foundation.

Please do not include your bank account information in the payment area of this form.  We appreciate your completion of the form as it arrives directly in our secure mailbox, you may use our Paypal- DONATE button if you do not wish to submit your card information this method.  We appreciate your support!

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